Snorkeling along the Coral Reef, Tahiti

One of my biggest dreams is to snorkelling in the sea of fish and coral. It would be so beautiful. Tahiti is a beautiful island where I would like to accomplish this dream.


The Eiffel Tower, Paris France. Went to the top at dusk in 2007 and watched the sun set. The tower is spectacular at night especially when it flashes with white lights each hour. It looks like a diamond sparkling!

New York City, NY

1999 New Flyer Galaxy 2 Avenue and East 34 Street on the Local, New York, NY

The islands of Greece

Seeing the sea for the first time was a good enough experience. But after surviving the heat of the desert, and laying eyes on the cool, clear waters, good enough became miraculous. They stormed the beach like soldiers and took to the water like fish.

Lakeshore, Chicago

Lakeshore, Chicago