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Creeping Thyme forms low growing, 2 inch tall carpets of green aromatic, lemon-scented leaves. Plants are blanketed in carmine-pink flowers in late spring and summer. They are loved by butterflies. Vigorous and easy to grow, 'Magic Carpet' thyme is an excellent small scale ground cover. Also beautiful between stepping stones or in containers.

"wooly thyme" ground cover: Creeping Mother of Thyme Seeds - Low-maintenance Ground Cover (Fast Growing, Hardy Perennial with a Beautiful Color and a Wonderful Lemony Fragrance)

Waterwise Landscapes Incorporated

yellow yarrow, red cascade rose, Vitex or Chaste Tree (purple/blue in the back), greek germander (purple ground cover) Waterwise Landscapes - Contemporary - Landscape - Albuquerque - Waterwise Landscapes Incorporated

Landscape minimal

Various cacti scattered throughout the gravel yard creates a unique modern landscape. Gray stones make the agave plants stand out against the sand-colored rocks.

Jardim árido ou desértico - estilos de jardins - - Cursos on line de Paisagismo e Jardinagem.

"If someone were to ask me who is the best contemporary landscape architect, artist and ecologist – I would immediately reply, Steve Martino!" - Malgorzata Okolowicz, author Discover sustainable garden design, with some brilliant insights. -The LA Team