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an array of colorful yarns in a wooden frame
Ulti Diy
DIY Stylish Square Knot Macrame Bracelet #DIY #fashion #bracelet #Macrame
someone is stitching something on top of a piece of fabric with scissors and thread
Fazendo Barra De Macramé
two hands are working on a piece of gold cloth that is being sewn together
Fênix mostra alguns passos na produção da bata em macramê.
Aprenda a fazer os pontos que são usados no curso de macramê com Cibélia Alves - YouTube
a wall hanging made out of macrame
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Large Macrame Wall Hanging - Setting In - Bohemian Wall Hanging, Bohemian Modern, Modern Macrame, Home Decor, Handmade by TheForestFern on Etsy
a blue chair sitting in front of a table with a pillow on top of it
Make A DIY Wall Hanging:: Starting with a Mop (Nesting Place)
Make A DIY Wall Hanging:: Starting with a Mop | Nesting Place | Bloglovin’
two wall hangings made with macrame and tassels
2 Simple Ways to Make Wall Art With String
Follow this tutorial to make DIY wall art with string.
a wall hanging made out of metal rods and beads on a gray wall with a wooden stick
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Wall panels handmade macramé technique. Material: 100% polyester. Color: light gray. Strap: natural wood - pine. Dimensions: The length of the strap to the bottom, including the thread - 86cm / 33,9 inches Width - 38cm / 15 inches
a wall hanging next to a potted plant
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Do you enjoy large macrame wall hangings? This beautiful black macrame wall hanging will make a wonderful statement piece for your bohemian home. Simple and beautiful, it attracts attention yet doesnt have this overloaded design. Its relaxed and airy and looks really beautiful with natural plants around. Love large macrame wall hangings? Just imagine how beautiful your home will be with this gorgeous macrame wall art! This simple modern macrame wall hanging is the first item that I created f...
a bedroom with a bed, plant and wall hangings on the wall above it
DIY Home Decor
macrame wall hanging by Ranran Design on Etsy
someone is working on an art project with yarn and metal hooks hanging from the wall
How to Tie a Square Knot inside a Clove Hitch Diamond // This video shows you how to tie one large square knot inside a Clove Hitch Diamond. It is decorative and used in Macrame wall hangings and Jewelry. // This video shows 6 cords at 5 feet each. Since folded in half and attached using the Larks Head Knot there are now 12 cords; 1-12 from left to right. For the sake of time, I tied one row of diagonal clove hitch knots using cords 1-6 and 7-12, which I'll explain how to do below. Remember,...