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BMW K100 (Chemical Garage)

BMW (Chemical Garage) not too keen on it being bmw, but cant deny it looks sexy as

For my back yard porch....might have to share with my ducks tho....

Outdoor shower/water day for kids.Could easily be made with hollow box uprights, run the water tube through one and the top hollow box with a PVC tube that you drill holes in for the water to run out. Faux paint it to look like copper, really pretty easy.

When you have pets they come with lots of extra supplies. From food, leashes, litter, to everything else in between it can get disorganized fast. Here are 9 Ideas for organizing your pet supplies from tipsaholic.com #pets #supplies #pet

Dog Organization Organization by the Ocean: Doggie Station! as much as I hate to say it and sorta compare kids to dogs, you could also reword some of the draws and organize kids toys and their other stufff. - Decoration for House

Personalized Dog feeding station by SamsWorkShop on Etsy, Heidi jane just might need this

Turn an old drawer or file drawer into a pet feeding station! Such a good way to avoid those messy pet food spills on the kitchen floor. Check the Asheville ReStore for a drawer like this. Such a good idea!