Cirrate octopod - or Dumbo Octopus -

Umbrella octopus, also known as Dumbo octopus. Grimpoteuthis is a genus of pelagic umbrella octopus that live in the deep sea.

Great White Shark

Kasen's shark friend: Auden(Meaning: Old Friend), as Kasen has been passed down the right as shark-shell bearer, he befriended a shark one day and they've swam many times since?

"Albino Humpback Whale Spotted Off Coast of Ecuador..."

Rare albino whale puts on a show off Australian coast…never seen a white whale before accept for Bulugas.


They used to have one of these at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it was my favorite thing to see there. It amazed me how something so large and unlovely could move with such amazing grace and fluidity. Such joy!

Bluefaced Angel Fish

The Most Colorful Fish In The World

Coral Trout & Cleaner Shrimp

Coral Trout and Cleaning Shrimp . Coral Trout are native to the coral reefs of Australia


Luminous creatures: Glowing deep sea creatures photographed by Joshua Lambus - Telegraph! I just learned this in my oceanography course!

One day I want an aquarium like this. It calms me.

The vibrant yellow fish, loved the silhouette. vibrant, exotic A Tropical fish ecosytem.I love tropical fish because I love the many colors of fish there are.

Salmon Run in Alaska

Sorry these are koi not Spawning salmon. I don't know if this is in the North or not, but millions of salmon spawn across the North, at least in Alaska, the Yukon, and Siberia.


It sure looks like the United States will get a Paracentropyge boylei (Peppermint Angelfish) sometime soon. The chaos started with Live Aquaria posting a u