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an office desk with laptops and other items on it, in the middle of a dark room
Parametric Reception Desk 1 / Parametric Table / Studio Desk for Influencer / Decorative and Unique Work / Cnc files for Cutting
"Hello! Our unique office desk design offers a perfect blend of contemporary aesthetics and parametric design. Thanks to precision-cut pieces with a CNC machine, this desk can be easily assembled and quickly made ready for use. The desk, both stylish and functional, provides an ideal solution for modern offices. It is suitable for creative studios, executive offices, and reception areas. The elegant walnut wood or plywood material adds warmth and a touch of luxury to your office, while decorative details bring aesthetic richness to your workspace. This special desk provides an ideal working environment for both executives, home office workers and laptop users. Enjoy the unique design of this desk that reflects professionalism and style in your workplace! This is a DIGITAL FILE for Cutting
a rack that has several rolling doughs on it and wooden rollers attached to the wall We manufacturer a number of racks for you to keep your rolls on and to rise the dough on. This is our Wall rack (10) which holds 10 cookings rolls. The wall rack is fitted to the wall which allows you more space on the work surface.
a wooden statue sitting on top of a window sill next to a white wall
STUDIO DE DESIGN & ATELIER DE CRÉATION Bienvenue chez MyWooDream, fabricant de mobilier paramétrique et des objets de décoration avec un design original et unique. Ici vous allez trouver des créations en bois, pensées pour le confort et l’esthétique de vos espaces. Caractérisés par des lignes épurées et des formes exceptionnelles nos produits sont intemporels.
an artisticly designed wooden staircase with glass railings on the bottom and sides, against a white background
EeStairs latest concept design, Slice, featuring glass treads and a TransParancy…
a living room with black and white striped wallpaper on the walls next to a tv
home wallpapers home decoration ideas home decor wallpapers home decorating wallpaper home decore ho
the circular house is surrounded by lush green grass and has glass doors that open to let in natural light
Work From Home: 7 Extraordinary Backyard Offices - Architizer Journal
a living room filled with furniture and a glass top table in front of a couch
FLO Arch Coffee Table
Unique hardwood coffee table design with a sleek modern feel. Optimal size for a typical living room space. One of our many one of a kind designs. Width: 31.5 In. Height: 16 In. Depth: 18 In.
a wooden cabinet with a circular mirror above it and a plant in front of it
Parametric Console | Large Parametric wood | 3D parametric | Parametric table | Dining room decoration | Home decorations
large parametric bench 5 * 3 meters in the recreation area in the business center
large parametric bench 5 * 3 meters in the recreation area in the business center
large parametric bench 5 * 3 meters in the recreation area in the business center
Home and Business Furniture from Parametric Architecture. Furniture for residential and commercial space. Architectural forms for landscape design. Lighting and decorative interior items. Worldwide shipping. To create an order and discuss the terms of delivery, go to our website.