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an image of stairs with the words i keep avoiding important things written on one side
i'm ignoring all of my work and boy will I regret it day before break ends :^)
an abstract design made up of circles and dots in gold, black and white on a dark background
Royalty by TomWilcox on DeviantArt
Royalty by TomWilcox [ Digital Art / Fractal Art ]
Portrait, Photography, Art Photography, Editorial, People, Kingdom, Woman, High Contrast
Exercice de Style
a gold triangle with an eye and a pink stone in the center on a black background
Pendant Horus' eye
Pendant Horus' eye. CAD project for jewellery.
a pile of gold coins sitting next to each other
spanish gold coins
gold coins with arabic writing on them are piled up in a pile and placed next to each other
For4D: Scatter Hitam Pola Slot Mahjong Ways Paling Gacor Maxwin Berlipat.
a sign that says sorry if i looked interested, i'm not
a black snake is curled up on the ground
Tevinter aesthetic ---
a brass teapot sitting on top of a wooden table next to a small bell
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stairs lead up to the light at the end of a cave
A few steps from the light * A alguns passos da luz
A few steps from the light
three different types of knifes are shown with gold trimming and designs on them
a black and white photo with the words sarcasm isn't an attitude it's an art
Você não consegue me ver como eu sou. É uma pena. do jeito que você coloca me sinto vil, vulgar e mentirosa. Não sei que tipo de mulheres você teve na sua vida, eu não me encaixo neste contexto que você quer me colocar. Cansa o tempo todo ficar tentando provar para uma pessoa o que você é. Se você não tem certeza de quem eu sou, porque ...
an ancient wall with egyptian writing on it
a rose with the words i felt like destroying something beautiful
a woman with her back to the camera wearing a t - shirt that says, on one hand who cares and in the other hand so what
pinterest ;; wornoutwater
a quote from david lynch about people that accept the fact that life doesn't make sense, i think it makes people terribly uncomfortableable
“I don’t think that people accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense..." David Lynch
an orange book with the words, allergic to boring people
Valfré - Contemporary Art, Collectibles, Prints
i died for the aesthetic |pinterest: yoitsnai | ig:nairobi.toombs | vsco: nairobitoombs
a knife with words written on it that read, loyal to few rules pulled by none
Basically Silver's catchprase (until desperation gets in her way)
an egyptian statue is shown against a black background with gold trimming on the head and neck
https://flic.kr/p/7NzuGL | Anubis | en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis www.tut-ausstellung.com/
Of Course Black is Beautiful : Photo Beautiful Black Women, Face, Dark Skin, Faces, Afro, Beautiful, Maquiagem, Black Girl Magic, Pretty
Of Course Black is Beautiful: Photo
Of Course Black is Beautiful : Photo
the sun is setting behind some trees and clouds
a lit up t - shirt with an image of a snake on it
you are the knife
Bracelet, gold, Pompeii, 1-79, Roman. Piercing, Pompeii, Bracelets, Metal, Ancient Jewelry, Roman Jewelry, Snake Jewelry, Snake Bracelet, Amulet
Bracelet, gold, Pompeii, 1-79, Roman.
a woman with an elaborate head piece on her face and arms, wearing gold jewelry
ILLUMINATION F/W Collection Lookbook by ENID
Celebrating Us Aragon, Black Power, Sekhmet, Grillz, Labret, Urban Fantasy, Bard, Inspirasi
[Closed] Black Women
Celebrating Us