Spanish Artists Use Old Tires To Create Wall Art

Spanish Artists Use Old Tires To Create Wall Art / RIen est a jeté, tout sert, l'art et limagination est notre arme

I could totally see this overlooking the bluff. Via Associated Architects

House R is a contemporary family home located at the “Stadtgarten” (city park) in the centre of Karlsruhe, Germany by Christ Associated Architects. The house features a transparent facade that may be closed with a system of exterior shades for privacy.

splash of colour

Paint the entrance to your stairs (idea for the basement stairs!) and the walls going up to the next level in a bright, fun color for some flair.

Do-Ho Suh inspired stairs

The red hanging stairs at Elvaston Place were designed by Diapo, who was inspired by Do-Ho Suh's "Staircase III" installation. Photo by Agnese Sanvito.

Shigeru Ban Wraps Up the New Aspen Art Museum | Image Courtesy of the Aspen Art Museum, © Michael Moran/OTTO.

Shigeru Ban Wraps Up the New Aspen Art Museum

The New Aspen Art MuseumLocated on the corner of South Spring Street and East Hyman Avenue in Aspen’s downtown core, the new AAM is Shigeru Ban’s first permanent U. museum to be constructed. Ban’s vision for the new AAM is based.

Wimbledon Park Road, Londonderry, 2016 - Giles Pike Architects

We had an interesting opportunity with this project to take the staircase out of the house altogether, thus freeing up space internally, and to construct a new stair tower on the side of the building. We chose to do the new staircase in steel and.

Modern Cave | Pitsou Kedem Architects

Modern Cave, by Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem, an updated apartment in the ancient port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv, with added arched windows and door frames that echo the form of the traditional vaulted ceilings.

Πέντε κατασκευές από ματ γυαλί, αναφερόμενες ως "φακοί" από τον αρχιτέκτονα τους Steven Holl, συνδέονται με υπόγειους διαδρόμους και συνθέτουν το κτήριο Bloch, μια προσθήκη του 2007 του Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art στο Kansas City του Μισσούρι. Τα ημιδιαφανή κουτιά φιλτράρουν το φυσικό φως που πέφτει πάνω στα εκθέματα με την βοήθεια ενός προσεκτικά σχεδιασμένου εσωτερικού χώρου που ανακατευθύνει το φως σε κάθε γωνία.

The Bloch Building, a 2007 addition to Kansas City, Missouri’s Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art



ikibana-restaurant-6 ikibana-restaurant-6

Japan meets Brazil: Contemporary Design of Ikibana Restaurant

ikibana-restaurant-6 ikibana-restaurant-6

Entrance Foyer

1102 penthouse was designed as a reflection of the clients lavish yet austere lifestyle. The aspirations of high living are challenged by domestic realities of maintaining a functional household.