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This is a dice that you may use in lots of activities. I made it as an optional dice to play with DAILY ROUTINE SNAKES AND LADDERS that I have also uploaded. Students should make a sentence with the pronoun they get and the correct form in the simple present of the verb that appears on the square they landed on. - ESL worksheets

This is an interactive learning resource, that provides visual learning by providing pictures and the words. This teaches students subject pronouns and the difference between first person, second person and third person.

Top 10 Programs Teens Want @ the Library >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This list, voted on by teens, contains some cool ideas for library programs such as giant gameboards, pizza tasting, scavenger hunts, and mini-golf.  Creating a list like this could be a fun thing to present to the Teen Advisory Board as a way to select programs as well.

Gigantic Bowling - 53 votes Candy Sushi - 54 votes Movie Marathon votes Scavenger Hunt - 59 votes Totally Tech Lock-In - 60 votes Mini-Golf in the Library - 60 votes Giant Board Games - 60 votes Chocolate Fondue & Hershey Kisses Bingo - 62 votes…