Dimitra Sikiaridi

Dimitra Sikiaridi

Dimitra Sikiaridi
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Goldbelly Turmeric Wellness Elixir - #mygoldbelly #goldbelly Golden Milk Healthy Tonic

Wellness for a woman on the go seems like a mission, we, however, know otherwise! Our unique blend of turmeric and other spices, with health benefits through th

Matador droplet wet bag and other practical, reusable gifts

Practical but stylish, reusable gifts for the kitchen & home that keep on giving throughout the year by replacing wasteful, disposable products.

Wool Dryer Balls and Other Practical, Reusable Gifts

Eco friendly wool dryer balls from locally sourced, ethically raised wool, embellished with fiber donated by our herd of alpaca Ditch the Dryer

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Alternative to cling film - HoneyBee Wrap Reusable Beeswax Wrap