Spirited Away Illustration, Studio Ghibli

Chihiro & No Face "Spirited away" favorite childhood movie ever

This is one of the most beautiful fan art depictions of Princess Mononoke I have ever seen. Bravo~

This is one of the most beautiful fan art depictions of Princess Mononoke I have ever seen. Bravo~ Princess Mononoke aka San I love her and this film so incredibly much!

Howl's Moving Castle illustration // my all-time favorite miyazaki film.

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Howl's Art Print by Roberto Nieto

Studio Ghibli #anime - Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa,  Porco Rosso

Ghibli Shelf // Miyazaki Art Print by Daniel Mackey

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Studio Ghibli Illustrations - Created by

Castles in the sky by Ian can Dahl (my coming out anthem!) just came on and oh the memories were a tsunami of awesome emotions and smells! This poster is an epic homage to awesomeness from a youthful time in my life when I felt alone yet empowered and free!

Castle in the Sky (1986)

pixalry: “Hayao Miyazaki Minimalist Poster Series - Created by MoonPoster Series available for sale on Etsy.

Studio Ghibli Homage by Tsubasa-No-Kami.deviantart.com STUDIO GHIBLI.  Pinned by Stephy Sama

Studio Ghibli -my favs are ponyo, kiki's delivery service, howls moving castle, spirited away, my neighbor totoro and mononoke hime<<< I've only seen Spirited Away and most of My Neighbour Totoro (my mom called me and I couldn't finish it T.

Studio Murugiah

Hello I'm Sharm and thanks for stopping by STUDIO MURUGIAH. Here's my story: I arrived at commercial art in the best way possible, the long way. From a young age I was always drawing, growing up on a healthy.

Chihiro, 2001 Art Print

Chihiro, 2001 Art Print by Jarvis Glasses

regram @sylvain_runberg Art by Sergio Mancinelli

Awesome 'Hime' design on TeePublic!

laputa castle in the sky | Tumblr

laputa castle in the sky | Tumblr

I just got given this print as a gift and it's officially the coolest thing I own now

pastel and pencil, 50 x As part of the month-long Celebrate Studio Ghibli, I've been invited to create a special poster f.

Laputa castle in the sky | Tumblr

Here is the of my 8 tributes to Hayao Miyazaki. 1986 Castle in the Sky.

Komorebi by almahime

‘Komorebi’ Art Print by almahime

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