side plank 2

The Busy Girl’s Workout: Side Plank Leg Lifts. Get fit REALLY fast with this super speedy workout routine.

prone plank 2

Swiss Ball Plank -- a more difficult variation of the traditional plank that brings core stability into play.

side plank 3

the-exercist: “ Benefits of the Side Plank “ Side plank exercises target the gluteal muscles, obliques, quadriceps, hamstrings, thigh abductors and adductors. Strengthening these muscles means that.

back plank 1

Exercise of the Day! Build core stability and give your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back a real challenge with the Glute Bridge Straight Leg Marching.

prone plank 1

Exercise of the Day! Build a stronger, more stable pillar (your hips, torso, and shoulders) with the Plank - with Arm Lift.

back plank

Exercise of the Day! Train your glutes (butt muscles) while challenging your stability with the Glute Bridge - 1 Leg.

prone plank 3

Build Running-Specific Core Stability - Great exercises to help you achieve true spinal stability;

side plank 2

Exercise of the Day! The Rolling Pillar Bridge is a dynamic version of the classic pillar bridge will continually challenge your core and pillar strength.