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several metal grates are stacked on top of each other in order to create an interesting pattern
Stainless steel 304 Perforated Sheet, SS 304L Perforated Sheets Manufacturers, Suppliers, Stockist & Exporters, India
Manufacturing of 304 / 304L SS Perforated Sheets
Perforated, Metal Sheet Design, Metal Facade, Case, Grill Design, Scale
the ceiling is covered with wood planks and beams
the ceiling fan is hanging from the wooden structure with wood slats on it's sides
Wood Porch Ceiling With Dark Rafters
an outside view of a building with wooden slats on the side and glass windows
the underside of a wooden structure with metal beams
Gallery of Fremont DADU / Robert Hutchison Architecture - 9
Gallery of Fremont DADU / Robert Hutchison Architecture - 9
a living room filled with lots of furniture and large windows above it's roof
before and after photos of an old house with stone walls, windows, and stairs
From Abandoned To This
an image of a building with glass doors on the outside and trees in front of it