Dimitris Koustoubardis

Dimitris Koustoubardis

Dimitris Koustoubardis
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Italian breakfast #sicily

Italian architect Marco Giunta has designed the Casa Talia. Completed in this resort hotel merges tradition and modernity resulting in a highly unique interior environment. It is located on the island of Sicily in Modica, Italy. Photos by: Andrea Ferrari

plane in the sea

Lockheed Lightning Fighter aircraft discovered in July 2007 after 65 years hidden under the sand off the Welsh coast. My favorite plane ever

decayed house

New Orleans anatomy of a manor. On General Taylor Street. This is a result of Hurricane Katrina and the flood.just around the corner from my house I just love love LOVE and miss Uptown New Orleans

This is beautiful but I don't want a dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher Tattoo I love this with the roses. I love the coloring of this one and the placement