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The 15 Most Computer Illiterate People Ever

The 15 Most Computer Illiterate People Ever

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Windows 8 Repair Tool [Picture]

Windows 8 Repair Tool

Life is fast. You must decide if it's worth it to just unplug your thumb drive and possibly corrupt it. Or take an extra 10 seconds to eject it properly. #thumbdriverecovery #newyorkcomputerhelp - http://www.newyorkcomputerhelp.com/blog/2014/04/15/life-is-fast-you-must-decide-if-its-worth-it-to-just-unplug-your-thumb-drive-and-possibly-corrupt-it-or-take-an-extra-10-seconds-to-eject-it-properly-thumbdriverecovery-newyorkcomputerhel/

Take it apart and put back together! Thats how you learn to fix things!

MacGyver over here hahahahaha. I can never let my dad see this picture.

Apple Humor | The Mac Now Supports Windows | Funny Technology - Google+ via Charlie Sasser

Sometimes I really believe this is what's happening inside my machine when it is slow as molasses.

Delete Cookies?

Nooooo!!! Delete Cookies???!! #lol