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Dimitris Roussopoulos

Dimitris Roussopoulos
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Great Combo

Take a look at the best business casual dress men in the photos below and get ideas for your work outfits! I found ‘Classy Dressed Men New Business Casual Outfit’ on Wish, check it out!

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Casual and bold, exudes a confidence and carelessness which ties the outfit together. The subtle blue of the collar works with the jeans as does the bold stripes of orange with the elbow patches.

Nice n Clean

I really like the blue tones here working with the brown.Latest Trends in Men's Fashion - the best trends in men's fashion.

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Plaid Wool Jacket, Polka Dot Scarf (This is most probably too preppy for John, but I could see elements of it working for him. The vest and scarf and instead of the blazer take that pattern and put it on the pants.