Dimitris Smart
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Super Mario Bros. Coasters made from perler beads, but could be done with plastic canvas stitching too
Unicorn Shitting Rainbows iPhone 6 Plus HD Wallpaper
20 Amazing Star Wars Illustrations | CrispMe Darth Vader (Skull) by Cerah-Art
V for Vendetta by Robert Bruno http://www.robertbrunoillustration.com/
Known as silentdeath007 on dA, Allen is a traditional artist from Ggermany who likes to draw portraits. He creates wonderful pencil art with graphite pencils and sometimes with coloured pencils.
Charcoal drawing by Kate Zambrano. I love how the downward movement creates a narrative. It is no longer a simple portrait - is she sad, rained on, looking out a window in the rain...melting??
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V For Vendetta