Dimitrina Mpalamouti

Dimitrina Mpalamouti

bipolar researcher in Museum Studies
Dimitrina Mpalamouti
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music makes u who u are

I am that "awful screaming shit". i am that "terrible" song. That "disgusting sound." I am Bring Me The Horizon. And every time you bash them, you're bashing me too.


What a great idea! And while we're talking about grammar, people need to stop saying things like "between you and I" and "He gave the money to Bob and I." "Me" is the correct word!


Lonely people are always up on the middle of the night. Ope I miss you so much. I wish I could sleep. I wish I could dream.

amazing bookselves

This bookshelf wall is the dream of every bookworm. How else will you store all your books in your dream home or interior? I always love when bookshelves go over a doorpost and all the way to the ceiling.