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an abstract painting with black, red and white lines
Theo van Doesburg-Dutch
a black and white drawing of an abstract design
iakov chernikhov Constructivism
an image of a black background with red and yellow circles on it's side
László Moholy-Nagy, Composition Q XX, 1923
an abstract painting with black and white lines in the center, on a beige background
Dark Silence In Suburbia
Liubov Popova
an abstract painting with lines, circles and shapes
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Strings ~ Wassily Kandinsky
an abstract painting with black, white and red lines in the center on a beige background
'Composition Proun GBA 4' by El Lissitzky ca.1923
El Lissitzky - “The Prouns. Proun GBA 4”, ca. 1923
an abstract painting with lines, circles and shapes on it's surface is shown
Ostrzeżenie o przekierowaniu
an abstract painting with multiple colors and shapes on white paper that is framed in wood frame
Suprematism, 1916 - Kazimir Malevich -
Mikhail Larionov (Russian : 1881 - 1964) - Suprematism, 1916
an abstract painting with orange, black and grey shapes on beige paper by unknown artist
The Charnel-House
Iakov Chernikhov, Suprematist Composition (1922). Yakov Georgievich Chernikhov was a constructivist architect and graphic designer. His books on architectural design published in Leningrad between 1927 and 1933 are amongst the most innovatory texts of their time.
an abstract black and white image of a boat in the water with other boats around it
The ARCHive
Joshua L Jones, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2011 Class: “A House for Two Orphans” - Spring 2011, Dr. Levant Kara Architectural drawing of Eisenstein’s The Return.
an abstract painting with lines and shapes in black and white, including mountains and buildings
The ARCHive: Photo
The ARCHive: Photo
a drawing of a building with lots of scaffolding on the top and sides
iakov chernikhov.
iakov chernikhov. | [too much hot sauce kills brain cells]
an illustration of a rocket launching into the sky
an abstract painting with red, yellow and grey blocks in front of a tall building
Luis Barragan