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i know a lot of people that need to read this.

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I don't usually pin astrology things because I don't really believe in it, but as a Sagittarius who has been told for years that I'm basically only 4 years old.I couldn't resist.<<<<<<<<<This is honestly so true


The Sagittarius is one of the most sentimental signs in the Zodiac. They cherish memories and remember even the smallest details about a relationship. ……… Amazing Zodiac Facts Here

Drives people crazy especially fakes & liars

SAGITTARIUS November 21 As open as they can be, a Sagittarius will never share everything with just anyone. true :) it takes someone special ;

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You can open up to me without fear of rejection or judgement, but don't be insulted if I don't immediately tell you all there is to know about me. I will answer direct questions, though. AMEN TO THAT!