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Merlin and Morgana

Merlin and Morgana

We are sick of it!

As someone who comes from the side of privilege on this issue, I'm also disgusted.

Stop saying "not all men" start saying "how do we stop it?"

And the only reasonable explanation for getting defensive about a statement condemning male violence or discrimination toward women is because it speaks to something in you. Stop saying "not all men" start saying "how do we stop it?

If you respect women so much, please take the time to keep her from being disrespected when you notice a bad situation forming

Why we need feminism

Why we need feminism Okay but did anyone else know that there was a branch of feminism extending to ecology?

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Guys pretecting girls is actually a huge friend-turn-on for me like wow. If a guy protects and stands up for girls i am immediately interested in being friends with you

We all need feminism because...

We all need feminism because.<<<not to mention that even in world countries women dont have equal rights