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She's A Mess...

My eyes are my own mood ring when I'm happy there a bright sparkly blue and when I'm broken like an abused horse there a light grey. I've happened to notice that whenever I speak to him there always a light sparky blue that I love o so much

3,003 Likes, 282 Comments - Life Love Relationships Quotes (@sweetzthoughts) on Instagram: “TAG A FRIEND It's that easy for you to forget her? It's that easy for you to move on as if nothing…”

Quotes About EX : QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description TAG A FRIEND It’s that easy for you to forget her? It’s that easy for you to move on as if nothing ever happened, right? She’ll be fine without you. Watch and learn.

Sometimes that coward knows exactly how to comfort a strong woman when she feels weak.

Don't beat yourself up for not being able to realize who he really was from the beginning. At one time or another we all fall victim to an illusion. Stay true to who you are and what you truly want and things will fall into place.

It doesn't sound nice but its true

Why do you think that would be MANdy Nicole 🍋 Dennis smith? Maybe because you went after my husband, stalked me & my family through my child, & hurt innocent kids along the way.all because of your selfish, desperate, slutty ways!