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Glass skin
“Glass skin” refers to a Korean beauty trend characterized by clear, luminous, and flawless skin. Achieving this look involves a skincare routine focused on hydration, gentle exfoliation, and a healthy lifestyle.
k-beauty products
a bar code with the words made in china and an image of a woman's face
So me even tho I'm half Chinese - Koreans have good quality shiz, I can testify to that XD
two different pictures with the same person in each picture and one has a lollipop on it
two pictures with the words south korea and seoul in red, which is highlighted by an image of a map
two black and white signs that say what girls say, omg i so wanna go to paris
a yellow background with the words single? no, my boyfriend is just buying in south
a sign that says going to paris, london, new york, seoul, my boyfriend lives there
Tru meme