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Dionisis Vulgarhs
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Gilgamesh from Fate Zero <3

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Fate Zero Archer Gilgamesh

This guy uggghhhh I wanna hate him, but he's so…


Fate Zero, Irisviel Von Einzbern Emiya Kiritsugu "You said you didn't believe in the kindness of this world, but you were kinder than anyone else"

Gilgamesh, Fate/Zero

Read chapter 2 from the story Naru Otosutsuki (female naruto fanfiction) by EmpressCelestial (Eve) with reads.

Tokyo Ghoul is just the best, can't wait for season 2 which is apparently coming out in January 2015 :3

I' ve never seen a such beautiful opening like Tokyo Ghoul! It's my favorite anime opening! What's ur favorite anime opening?