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this is a really good idea to have extra storage on the other side of the counter

We have coverage for beauty salons, nails salons, barber shops, neighborhood coffee shops and more. This is specialized, customized coverage.

Terrain at Styer's | Glen Mills, PA. Retail and Café Bar coffee Shop idea very unique and Urban

Behind the bar storage terrain at styer's, glen mills, pa. i love the tables and counters and their different heights and i love the baskets and cases and i like those cupboards, especially with the dark wall behind them.

This picture is just kinda adorable. I love bakeries and I love mopeds. I've always wished I had a legit moped like this... and a bakery. So really, a combination of my two favorite things.

Bakery I would like this to my regular coffee shop/cafe. A cozy place to read and catch up with friends. by gennine crab sandwiches Soho B.

Debating if I would still want to do a drive thru or not... I would HATE to drive my employees nuts... walk up maybe?

"Debating if I would still want to do a drive thru or not. I would HATE to drive my employees nuts. walk up maybe?I thought about a drive through but it's too impersonal, liking the walk -up window though :))