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Workout From Your Bed
Working out from bed can be a convenient and accessible way to incorporate physical activity into your routine, especially if you're dealing with mobility issues or time constraints. While it may not replace a full gym session, it's a great option for a gentle start to the day or a quick energy boost. #bedworkout #bedworkoutexercises #morningworkoutsathome
Makeup Tips to Suit Your Face
credit to @l_yuhann (jen) on tiktok
makeup tips and tricks • beauty and makeup application
🎬 bexcxmpbell • makeup • beauty • makeup style • eye makeup • base makeup • makeup hacks • makeup techniques • makeup tricks • makeup tips • dark skin makeup
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Does lipstick look bad on you? TRY THIS 💄 tutorial by Sarah’s Super Spa on YouTube
Lipstick doesn’t look good on you because: You may have a double lip line (like many people) and haven’t been shown how to utilise it 💄 ⚠️EXPLANATION IS ON MY YOUTUBE⚠️ 💋The steps to filling them in: 1. Conceal the outer lip line on the corners • 2. Line the inner lip line on the corners • 3. Line the outer lip line in the middle 4. Connect the lines * Optional for extra pout* 5. Fill in the corners 6. Highlight the middle ✅you can use a lipstick but starting with a lip liner is easier You don’t have to shy away from lipstick anymore! Brush: from @ducarebeautyofficial (code sarahssuperspa for 20% off) Lip liner: @barrymcosmetics chocolate #doublelipline #lipliner #tutorial #makeup #satisfying #lanadelray #taylorswift #rihanna #90smakeup #lipgloss #alexademie #maddypere
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春日油画感妆容🌿橙绿截断式眼妆教程 cr: 一颗橘砸 ​​​
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💆 "Smooth Away Stress: Effective Exercises to Reduce Forehead Lines!" 💆
"Relax and rejuvenate with these effective exercises to reduce forehead lines! Smooth away stress and promote a youthful glow naturally. Unwind and embrace a more radiant you today! ✨ #StressRelief #AntiAging #FacialExercises #SkinCare. credit-@valeriiaveksler"
🤔 "Ever Tried an Eye Massage Routine? See the Magic! ✨" #EyeMassage #SelfCare
🚀 Ready to experience the rejuvenating power of an eye massage? Join us in this follow-along video to learn a soothing eye massage routine that can help relieve tension, reduce puffiness, and promote relaxation. Discover simple techniques to refresh tired eyes and enhance your overall well-being. Treat yourself to a moment of self-care with this delightful eye massage session! #SelfCareRoutine #RelaxationTechniques #EyeMassage #SelfCare