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Tall House

Fantasy Tall Castle born out of a discussion at an exhibition 6 years ago. The Artist “Hayden” used Usual method for that pictures: rough sketch on back of mounting board and also wet work -watercolour and some ink. Ludwig ii would have loved it

warhammer dwarf karaz a karak - Google Search

It's that time again folks! The One Page Dungeon Contest is taking submissions for I've really enjoyed checking out the submissions in previous years, and I think it's a great source of free .

dwarf_watchtower_by_clevella-d31msa3.jpg (628×768)

Dwarf Watchtower guarding a mine entrance. Occasionally I do custom work. If you have an idea for a project that you would really like to see, drop me a.

Dwarf City under attack, awesome diorama

Probably my favourite display game at GamesDay 2008 was the Dwarf City that was under attack by a sea borne Orc and Goblin army. The scenery was beautifully constructed, some amazing Venetian inspi…

Snake Temple SET Painted D D Dwarven Forge | eBay

Snake Temple set - If you have seen the Conan movie, this is a must! And lately other companies have been producing other interesting items.

Dwarf Longbeards

So this is unit of Dwarf Longbeards that took Place in Warhammer Fantasy Regiment Category at The Fang 2014 Painting Competition and also it took The Best Of Show title.