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an old vase with animals painted on it's sides and two horns sticking out of the top
an ancient egyptian statue with earrings on it's head and other items around its neck
Sican National Museum Photo Gallery
a cat is sitting on the corner of a stone wall looking up at something in the sky
Valley Temple, Giza, Egypt
a gold mask with two crossed swords on it
Mask Ornament | Cleveland Museum of Art
an elephant shaped vase with brown accents on it's face and trunk, resting against a gray background
Nazca ceramics
several pieces of wood are arranged in the shape of a circle with beads and pendants
El "Mullu": oro rojo de los Incas.
numisarchives: El "Mullu": oro rojo de los Incas.
an ancient statue is displayed on a gray background
plug for the bottom of Container in the form of a Sacrificer
plug for the bottom of Container in the form of a Sacrificer, 600-1000 Peru, Middle Horizon, Wari Culture, 7th -11th century
an old clay figurine with eyes closed
Cultura Bahía. Ecuador
Cultura Chimú, cultura peruana, Perú Pixel Art, Ink, Inca Art, Egyptian
Indumentaria de Plata ( Cultura Chimú )🇵🇪
an open window in the side of a stone wall that looks like it is made out of cement
Ollantaytambo (Peru)
a ceramic monkey holding a bottle in its paws
an old statue with a weird face on it's head and hands in the air
Cultura Jamacoaque. Ecuador
a brown vase with designs on it sitting on a table
Collection Online | Museum of Anthropology at UBC
an old vase with designs on it
Paracas artist(s) | Spout-and-bridge bottle with feline face | Paracas | The Metropolitan Museum of Art