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a drawing of a blue whale with gold accents
Art illustration - Oceans & Seas - Southern Right Whale: (Eubalaena australis) Its length averages 13 to 15 meters for the male and around 16 meters for the female. They are born with 3 to 5 meters, from the snout to the tail. Its weight oscillates 40 tons. they have calluses, in areas of the skin elevated of more than 5 cm of thickness approximately, of corneal consistency, located in different parts of the head. They only have breeding every three years.
a black and white drawing of a whale
North Atlantic Right Whale anonymous drawing
a drawing of a whale with it's mouth open
Southern Right Whale
Southern Right Whale - Whalespotter
a black and white photo of a humpback whale with the words southern right whale
Southern Right Whale
a black and white drawing of a humpback whale
Humpback Whale - Ethan Mann
three different types of whales are shown in this drawing
Humpback, Killer and Sperm Whales
three whales are shown in black and white
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three whales swimming in the ocean at night with moon and clouds above them, all looking different directions
two orca whales swimming side by side in black and white ink on a white background
Jen Richards
an orca jumping out of the water with splashes on it's body
"Watercolor Killer Whale" Sticker for Sale by FoxlillyArt
a drawing of a humpback whale with its mouth open and it's tail sticking out
a drawing of a humpback whale with bubbles coming out of it's mouth