Shop front, Vytina, Greece! What a fascinating shop for exploration - better than Wallmart or Target for sure. #live2bfree

Vintage travel - Vintage Air France Illustrated by BettyAndDot Shop front Vytina, Greece

an alley in monemvasia, greece  in my case, it's the street of the swordsmiths in Tirana, where Macalla is followed and attacked

Monemvasia, Greece (Source: elladaa, via evysinspirations) getting a sense of De ja vu looking at this picture because i did a painting of something similar

Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Stone pathway to Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece---walked up these only to find out the top was closed

Loukadika is one of the most beautiful villages of Eastern Mesa Mani. #Greece #peloponnese #kitsakis

Loukadika is a villages of Eastern (or “Prosiliski", means “towards de sun") Mesa (“Inside") Mani. It's built on two hills, one of which was de location of de ancient Tefthroni castle.