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My best work for 2020. If you don't like this is because you have shit in the place where brains should be. 🧠 I Am Awesome, Audio, Mountains, Places, Nature, Travel, Voyage, Viajes, Traveling

Open Source - A Walk On The Ceiling

Music & Visuals by Angelos Mavros aka Open Source. Listen on Spotify

None of you is expecting this. Music & lyrics by me. The signing is done by a little girl that wants to remain anonymous. To those familiar with my music, this might sound like a lunacy... and I assure you, that is exactly what it is. 💪 Music Lyrics, My Music, Open Source, Sounds Like, Anonymous, Little Girls, Disney Characters, Fictional Characters, Audio

Open Source - Sailorman

It will be in the forthcoming EP "Outta Time". Follow me & stay tuned

The good thing with me is that I do not follow fashion. I do not try to keep up with the trends. I don't care what everyone else does. I do my own shit.  And this is how Open Source sounds in 2020; It sounds like the 1980.  📼 #synthwave #retrowave #80s #80smusic Retro Waves, 80s Music, Keep Up, Open Source, Video Clip, Don't Care, Mens Sunglasses, Audio, Trends

Open Source - Dirty Game [Video Clip]

Included in the EP "Outta Time", written & produced by Angelos Mavros aka Open Source. Open Source on Spotify:

"A Great Dream" refurbished and with some surreal video footage. Enjoy the "Open Source" project while it lasts.. cause after its gone you will miss it. 🧚‍♀️ #feelings Open Source Projects, Video Footage, Surrealism, Audio, Feelings, Artist, Artists

Open Source - A Great Dream

Audio & Visuals by Angelos Mavros aka Open Source. New releases exclusively on Spotify: All links: htt...

I always felt that this track was incomplete. So I spent a couple of hours extending it & adding some melodies. Ladies & Gentlemen and whoever the fu<k this concerns... I made for you.. A Rain Of #Fairies. 🧚‍♀️ Open Source, Fairies, Northern Lights, Track, Audio, Felt, Couple, Artist, Outdoor

Open Source - Fairies Rain (Extended)

Audio & Visuals by Angelos Mavros aka Open Source. New releases exclusively on Spotify: All links: htt...

New upload. 🌘 #psytrance Open Source, Audio, Artist, Artists

Open Source - Space Kablooie

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New upload. 🚕 #outrun #synthwave Open Source, Far Away, Audio

Open Source - Far Away [Video Clip]

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It's time to listen to the best scheme ever laid foot on planet earth. 🌍 (Cause you 've heard enough junk so far. Open Source, Planet Earth, Planets, Audio, Army, Inspired, Artist, Painting, Inspiration

Vini Vici - Ravers Army (Open Source Bootleg)

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I want you to invite "yes" into your lives. When you say "yes" to things, you embrace the possible. You gobble up all of life's energies & you excrete the waste. Open Source, Video Clip, Invite, Audio

Open Source - Future Man [Video Clip]

Stream on Spotify » Album Title: Highly Motivated to Rock You EAN: 4250887837237 Release Date: 16.12.20...

The art of melody writing has been forgotten in some psytrance circles. Artists focus on how to produce a greater sound by leaving a very important factor out of the game. It seems that we have forgotten the reasons we fell in love with music in the first place. 💘 We Fall In Love, Video Clip, Circles, Audio, Artists, Writing, Game, Venison, Games

Open Source - Heartache [Video Clip]

Stream on Spotify » Album Title: Melodies Strike Back Catalog Number: GLRCD010 EAN: 4250928360496 Relea...

Open Source - Hot Looking Babes [Video Clip] Open Source, Video Clip, Happy New, Audio, Wonder Woman, Superhero, Hot, Superheroes, Wonder Women

Open Source - Hot Looking Babes [Video Clip]

Stream on Spotify » Album Title: Orbital Remixes Catalog Number: GLRCD007 EAN: 5060376220315 Release Da...

This artist serves a genuine idea. He creates pumpy, rhythmic, psychedelic clips out of cartoons. Check a nice one he did with my track "Buffer Overflow". Open Source, Psychedelic, The Creator, Cartoons, Track, Audio, Entertaining, Nice, Create

Open Source - Buffer Overflow {LSD Release}

Open Source - Buffer Overflow (LSD Release) I do not own the music, nor am I the creator of the cartoons. I just like to make clips for your entertainment. T...

"Johnny Mnemonic" was written in 2005 but never been published, until now. It's funny if you think that for 15 years nobody ever heard it. It's Funny, Video Clip, 15 Years, Thinking Of You, Audio, Thinking About You, 15 Anos

Open Source - Johnny Mnemonic

"Johnny Mnemonic" was produced in 2005 but published in 2019 for the first time. Find my latest release on Spotify:

New upload. Open Source, Audio, Artist, Artists

Parode - Experience (Open Source Remix)

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Now available on youtube. #progressive #psytrance Open Source, Audio, Darth Vader, Youtube, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Characters, Youtube Movies

Pondora - Sini (Open Source Remix)

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New upload on my channel. Open Source, Channel, Audio, Characters, Youtube, Youtube Movies

Open Source - Ultra Deep Field (Love Edit)

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