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two wooden vases with flowers in them
Blumenvase mit einem Reagenzglas aus Eiche -
vases filled with flowers sit on a shelf
DIY Flower Holder or Propagation Station in 2022 | Diy crafts for home decor, Diy plants decor, Centre table living room
some plants are sitting in glass vases on a shelf next to a planter
Propagation station, Plant propagation, Plant cuttings, vase, plant vase, test tube, Plant shelf, floating shelf, plant stand, small shelf,
Beautiful and very functional plant propagation station. Can also be used as small vases for flowers. Price is for 1 station with 4 test tubes. Plants are not included. Available in your choice of 6 colors. Please message me with any questions. Thank you
a wooden block with a plant in it sitting on a bench next to a brick wall
Handcrafted Wooden Propagation Vessel/Wood Propagation Vessels/Propagation Stations/NORITEN VESSELS
three small wooden tables sitting on top of a brick floor next to a white wall
Cajón Grande Para Huerta O Cantero En Madera Reciclada!!! - $ 800