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Dora Karlatira

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Dora Karlatira
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When I was a child and I had to be punished, I had to say "I'm sorry !" to whoever was punishing me . I've been very naughty !" again because I'm going to be punished again ! Someone should punish me !

Grayish blonde highlights on dark hair

Smart hair hacks will give your thin, fine hair life. Here are eight hair hacks to create volume, fullness and texture in thin, fine hair, including the best volumizers on the market.

Συγκλονίστηκε όταν έμαθε ότι το άλογο που αγόρασε ήταν έγκυος. Αλλά το πραγματικό σοκ ήρθε μετά τη γέννηση.

A foal born at the Fyling Hall riding school at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire is taking the internet by storm with his unique horse marking.