Mari Evgenidou-Loi

Mari Evgenidou-Loi

Athens / Mari Evgenidou- Loi believes that home decoration is an art, get inspired from each different space and create unique home atmospheres.
Mari Evgenidou-Loi
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1886 - 1951

Coca-cola ad showing how the coke seller looked like when they began and 65 years later on their anniversary


jdbetter: “ ” In their brown hands they have a couple bottles of soda pop and a paper cup. Gray-Bud holds the cup and Stain-Savage pours the soda into the container.

Vintage Charming Beauties

Recently we had posted article about vintage Pepsi Cola advertising. Most of us are well aware about the Cola War. So we thought it would be a great idea to share some of vintage Coca Cola ads also…

Caryatid Porch - Athens Parthenon by Thunder_mickey, via Flickr

The most celebrated example is the Caryatid Porch - of the Erechtheum w six figures - 415 bc) on the Acopolis in Athens, Greece