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an image of a woman in armor holding a hammer and standing on clouds with her hands behind her back
People, Casual, Disney, Avengers, Ron, Aaa, Hero
an image of a comic scene with a man and woman in the background, one is holding
Talisman and puck
an image of a comic page with the batman and his friends
Uncanny X-Men 112
a woman holding two swords in one hand and wearing purple clothes with pink hair, standing next to another person
an image of captain america papercrafts from the animated movie, which was released in 2011
Manga, The Original, X Man, Comic Heroes
an image of a woman with red hair and many other people around her, in the background
My 100 favorite female comic book characters
a woman dressed in black and red is flying through the air
goblin queen, brett booth & thomas mason
the cover to x - men comic book, featuring a woman with red hair and black cape
an illustration of a woman with white hair and blue eyes, wearing gold collars
X-MEN #33 trading card cover by Russel Dauterman Colored by Matt Wilson
a woman in green and pink is flying through the air with her arms spread out
Jean Grey