Εδώ παρουσιάζονται σκυλοσκίτσα τα οποία έχουν σχέση με την Θετική Εκπαίδευση και τα οποία έχουν δημιουργηθεί από την Lili Chin, που ζει και δραστηριοποιήται στην Νέα Υόρκη Μετάφραση στα Ελληνικά: Χάρης Στουραΐτης Με την αποκλειστική άδεια της δημιουργού: Lili Chin (,, © Lili Chin 2008-2014
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Teaching your dog to walk politely on leash. Method one never seems to work for me! Get dog training ebook and videos for free.

© Lili Chin Greek translate: Harry Stouraitis (

© Lili Chin Greek translate: Harry Stouraitis (www.

Επιλέγουμε τις αρεστές μεθόδους και όχι τις δυσάρεστες! +R & -P  "Οι Τέσσερις Κατηγορίες του Operant Conditioning"  © 2012 Word: Sophia Yin Drawing: Lili Chin Greek translate: Harry Stouraitis

Yin presents a free poster on the four categories of operant conditioning.

© 2012 Designed: Sophia Yin Developed: Ian Dunbar Illustrated: Lili Chin Greek translate: Harry Stouraitis

Melissa is known for her advice as it relates to dog behavior, as much as her humor as it pertains to the science of positive dog training.

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Dogs love to play! Playing with your dog is one of the best ways to reward him for a job well done.

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Doggie Language Dog-behavior illustrator (and Boston Terrier lover)Lili Chin produced this wonderful explanation of her dog’s body language.

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Socializing Your Dog - Provide him with positive experiences and reinforcement with new things. Infographic by Lili Chin

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Doggie drawing – on positive reinforcement - Maltese Dogs Forum : Spoiled Maltese Forums

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"Ain't Misbehavin" by lili.chin Boredom is the leading cause of misbehaved dogs