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▶ Harry Potter Viennese Waltz. The flow of these dresses are so mesmerizing!

BYU 2010 Spring Social Dance Lab Spring Ballroom Dance Team Directed By: Curt Holman

Dead? Seemingly so, but not quite. Yes, his skin was slick and chilled from the rain, lifeless by every temperature account. Yes, he'd fallen there hours ago, unnoticed, unheeded, uncared for when the bolt of magic that had struck him on the battlefield finally claimed entrance to his heart. Even still, if you looked closely enough, you could see his chest rise and fall the barest fraction. He was breathing, but as she crouched beside him she wondered how much longer that would remain true…

This picture's tone is blue. By using the color blue, the picture is automatically associated with the attributes that are related to blue: grief, sadness, and passiveness.

“It must be a great disappointment to God if we are not dazzled at least ten times a day.”  ― Mary Oliver

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