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I need this drawing on my wall 😳
a woman cooking food in a skillet on top of a gas stove with the lid open
13M views · 244K reactions | When I make this chicken, everyone asks me for the recipe!!! | When I make this chicken, everyone asks me for the recipe!!! | By Tata’s kitchen | Whenever I make this chicken, everyone always asks me for the recipe. Come with me if you want to know my secret. For starters, I'll add 3 eggs, 50 grams of grated Parmesan, parsley and chive and you can also use as much as you want. A teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of pepper, a tablespoon of minced garlic, and we'll just mix it. Guys, this mix tastes amazing. Our chicken is going to be delicious. Now, let's slice this chicken breast in half. You can use other chicken parts as well. Now, let's use a meat tenderizer for a few minutes to soften our chicken. Look how easy it is. Now, let's dip it in flour Let's make sure to get both sides Then, we'll dip it in our mix Let's make sure to get both sides as well. Meanwhile, I already heated the oil. Let's fry it but if you prefer, you can also use the air fryer. It also works. Let's flip it. It smells so good in here. You have no idea how delicious this chicken is. Try it at home 'cuz I'm sure you and your whole family will love it. And it's already done. Let's let it dry and look at that. Look how crunchy it is. Try this at home then tell me how it turned out. Guys, I really hope you like this video and if you did, share it with all of your friends and don't forget to follow us. Lots of love and until the next recipe.
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We learned this in England! 😋 (Easy chicken dinner) | chicken meat, dinner | We learned this in England! 😋 (Easy chicken dinner) | By Randy & Mandy and Friends | Look at that. Another meat blanket. Okay so we'll just start off with some of our basic seasonings. Half a teaspoon salt. Those are the equal parts of all this stuff. We're going to keep it pretty simple. I'm going to do a little smoked paprika onion powder. Philly chili powder. This is one of my favorites and just some razor pepper. Some all-purpose flour. One cup, 2 cups. Just enough to cover however much chicken you're making, really. We're just going to get our hands in there and Mix that up. Last ingredient. Ooh. Just some bacon. Some bacon. And I cook mine in the oven. I don't know how you guys do yours but right in the oven to 400 degrees. Mm. Okay now we're going to just eat some eggs. And this just depends on how many chicken breasts you're doing. Get a fair amount of chicken here. Mag it up. So now we just want something big enough that our chickens you know actually fit. Mm hmm. And then with more flour. So we're just going to lay this bad boy in the flour. You want good coverage. Getting all these little nooks and crannies. Yeah. And into our egg wash. Shouldn't go back into the flour. Right back in there. Good coverage. Ooh. See all the bacon bits? Mm hmm. Looking good. It'll help them cling them being in the egg wash and straight down to our board here. You're going to want to lay this away from you. Toward the camera man. Towards the camera man. Oh, so good. What's this guy here? Okay, we got ourselves just a little bechamel sauce. So, just some butter, flour, macarou, a little bit of milk. Mm hmm. And whatever season you prefer. I got just salt, pepper, some garlic in there. Just right in the middle, right? Yup. Mm hmm. And then just some just some Monterey Jack and cheddar. Oh. Blend. Very nice. We just created this. Oh, heavens. Don't be stingy. Yeah. Cheese it up. Cheese it on there. Okay. Now onto the broiler it goes. Oh yeah, it's there. Oh yeah. Got a little bit of color on it. Melty cheese. Ho ho ho. Look at that fellow. That is looking good. Oh yeah. That looks so bottom.
a woman holding a glass bowl with food in it that says stay chicken pot pie that will feed the whole family
327K views · 4.2K reactions | Easy Chicken Pot Pie ✨everyone love this easy dinner✨ 2 cups cooked chicken chopped or shredded(I used a rotisserie chicken 2 cans cream of chicken with herbs 2 bags frozen peas and carrots (12oz bags) 1/2-3/4 cup chicken broth Pepper, garlic powder, onion powder to taste Mix all together Add all to a 9x13 pan Take a sheet of puff pastry sheet dough and roll out thin Put on top your chicken mixture pinching at the edges or lay over the sides Whisk one egg and brush onto the top of the crust Cut a slit at the top Bake at 400 degrees for 35-45 minutes or until desired crispness. Enjoy! | Andrea | supermommyof123 · Original audio
a pan filled with chicken and mushrooms on top of a table
Old Faithful Chicken Skillet
a casserole in a metal pan with a spoon sticking out of the top
The topping of this Magic Chicken Pie is absolutely mouthwatering! Must make again!
a casserole dish filled with meat and lemons
Jam Chicken
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a piece of fish on a plate with asparagus and lemons next to it
Just A Pinch Recipes
someone is pouring sauce on some food in an air fryer
Easy Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken 🍯 (via: @sierra.honeycutt) Ingredients - 4 chicken breasts (2lbs ) - 1/2 cup honey - 1 tbsp minced garlic - 1/2 cup low sodium soy sauce - 1/4 cup water - 2 TBSP apple cider vinegar Directions - put 4 chicken breasts in the bottom of your crock pot - Combine all other ingredients in a bowl , whisk + pour over chicken - Set on high for 4 hours + shred #easymealideas #crockpotdumprecipes #dumprecipes #familydinneridea #easymealprep #crockpotmeal | | eatinghealthytoday · Original audio
some food is sitting on top of a red tray and ready to be cooked in the oven
You'll never do Biscuits another way | You'll never do Biscuits another way Rebecca makes biscuits with a crowd pleasing topper. These bisquits are always a hit with the family. This... | By Kiera & Ryan & Danny & Justine | Facebook
three pieces of chicken cooking in a skillet on the stove with sauce and parsley
242K views · 6.1K reactions | The most delicious and easy chicken breast recipe you can make in 10 minutes! | recipe | The most delicious and easy chicken breast recipe you can make in 10 minutes! | By Essen Recipes | Facebook