Boy reading. Alexandros Christofis (1882-1953) Greek painter.

boy reading by Alexandros Christophis (Greek,

Little Girl by -Nikolaos Gyzis 1842-1901 look at her eyes!

Little Girl - Nikolaos Gyzis (Greek:

The Milk, 1917  Nikolaos Lytras

The Milk, 1917 Nikolaos Lytras

Pregnant woman,1948 by Yiannis Moralis (Greek 1916-2009)

Pregnant by Yiannis Moralis (Greek

Nikolaos Lytras, The Donkey

Nikolaos Lytras - The Donkey art

Nikolaos Lytras -

Tinos Agios Markos, 1923 by Nikolaos Lytras.

Ταΐζοντας το πουλί από τον Απόστολο Γεραλή.

Feeding the bird by Apostolos Geralis, Greek Artist

Ράλλης Θεόδωρος-Ο πρώτος μπάτσος

Ράλλης Θεόδωρος – Rallis Theodoros [1852-1909]

Ράλλης Θεόδωρος-Ο πρώτος μπάτσος

Panagiotis Tetsis

Panagiotis Tetsis

In the Boat - Nikolaos Lytras

In the Boat - Nikolaos Lytras (Greek,

Nikolaos Lytras, IN THE GARDEN

In the Garden - by Greek Expressionist Painter Nikolaos Lytras. Marvelous use of turquoise blues!

The Lighthouse, 1925-1927, Nikolaos Lytras.

The Lighthouse, 1927 by Nikolaos Lytras.

Nikolaos Lytras (1883-1927) Shores of Tinos 49 x 69 cm. (19 1/4 x 27 1/8 in.)

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Parthenis - Παρθένης

Parthenis - Παρθένης

Panagiotis Tetsis

Still life named : The afternoon sun by Panayiotis Tetsis. still life

George Iakobidis   the first steps (80 pieces)

Greek painter Γεώργιος Ιακωβίδης founded and was the first curator of the National Gallery of Greece in Athens. Georgios Jakobides was one of the main representatives of the Greek artistic movement of the Munich School.