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there are many layers of tulle hanging on the wall
rita-monica: untitled by SteffenTuck on Flickr.
a close up of a leaf on a white surface
An Ivory and Gold Aesthetic Blog: Archive
Old lace, gold filigree, carved ivory, and sunlight on pale skin...
an abstract pattern made up of green leafy shapes, with the top half folded down
Green | Grün | Verde | Grøn | Groen | 緑 | Emerald | Brunswick | Moss | Colour | Texture | Style | Form |
an image of flowers that are in the air
Fashion Gone rouge
Fashion Gone rouge
an abstract painting in shades of green and brown with some white on the bottom right corner
Marble Green Wall Mural by KEK Amsterdam
Marble Green 548 Wall Mural by KEK Amsterdam
a mannequin's head is covered in white fabric and has feathers on it
Junya Watanabe | Ensemble | Japanese | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Junya Watanabe fall/winter 2000–2001
an abstract photograph of plastic wrap on top of something green and white in the background
more in our facebook group
an abstract painting of green and white leaves on a gray background with grey clouds in the distance
Conrad Jon Godly
Conrad Jon Godly - spes - studie - 2010, 24x18 cm öl auf malplatt
three white mushrooms are shown in close up view, with the tops turned to look like they have been folded together
upside down by Wil Wouters / 500px
Mushroom upside down
an abstract painting with green and yellow colors in the center is circularly painted on it's surface
Knife Art - Bower Power
Palette Knife Art, read whole page for more ideas and techniques. maybe do a monochromatic land scape?
a plant with green leaves in front of a white wall
| A N O M A L I E N |
a large group of leafy green plants in the middle of an area that looks like it
Bäst i Test & Köpguider: Vitvaror, Barn, Hem -