This delicious bread ring covered with toasted sesame seeds (Koulouri Thessalonikis) is definitely one of the most popular street food you may find in Thessaloniki!

Thessaloniki, Greece Michael Kokkinos Adelina Ionela Monique Heumen Εργασίες που θέλω να κάν

The Faculty of Philosophy, the earliest building of Aristotle University, founded in The University's motto is engraved on the entrance.

Gallery of New Waterfront of Thessaloniki / Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects - 5

Image 5 of 35 from gallery of New Waterfront of Thessaloniki / Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects. Photograph by Ionnis Kaktis

The promenade of Thessaloniki, looking towards its trademark the "white tower". 6 exposures used here with 1 EV difference, starting from Manual blending in photoshop (aka advanced lightrange recovery method)