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a person with two rings on their fingers
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calling out Dream and Corpse simps
a person's hand on top of a black and white shirt with palm trees
a black and white drawing of a man wearing a face mask with clouds in the background
the shadow of a person's head is shown against a concrete wall with a stop sign
Corpse husband
a person's hand holding an electronic device in front of a wall mounted air conditioner
Beginning, Middle, End. -Corpse Husband x OC - face reveal
a person with two rings on their fingers
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Outfits, Man
a person with their hand on the wrist of another person wearing a ring and bracelet
Make Your Day
a person's hand with a watch on their wrist next to a computer keyboard
Our Love Story (paused) - Corpse's Aesthetic
a man wearing a black jacket and bracelet
the back of a woman's head wearing a white sweater and silver bracelets
a person's hand with a ring on it
#corpse #corpsehusband #sesh #hand #rings #handpic