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an abstract painting with multicolored lines and colors in the sky, on a white background
iphone wallpaper
an image of different colored circles on a white background
SPECTRUM 2 by JazzberryBlue | Redbubble
an abstract background with spirals in red and orange
a red and green circle with an orange center in the middle on a purple background
Simple Mandala
Rainbow Pan Acrylic Pour
Some color for your day ✨️ Coming to you on Friday with a few other fun pieces on my site. . . . #colorbomb #panpour #rainbow #fluidart #madisunart
an abstract painting with multicolored shapes and colors that appear to be fluid paint
Learn Paint Pouring Techniques
ACRYLIC POURIING ART by @brandon.dot.rollin
Acrylic Art🖌
the sun shines brightly over an ocean beach with clear blue water and white sand
a close up view of a mattress on a table with coffee mugs in the background
Minyoung Lee 🇰🇷🇺🇸 on Instagram: "As promised, here’s my current process 💛 I’ve tried different methods of keeping the joint compound on the canvas and this is the one that’s been working best for me so far: ✨ After piping the joint compound on the canvas and letting it dry for 24 hrs, I use gesso (purchased from @michaelsstores) to seal it. ✨Make sure the gesso gets into all the cracks and crevices of the dried paste. ✨Depending on the thickness of the piping I may do 2-3 coats. Disclaimer
a white mantle with candles, vases and flowers on it in front of a wall sculpture
Make Your Day
a modern living room with white furniture and wood flooring
Boho Boards: Eclectic Lighting for Your PVC Panel Wall Ensemble
Bohemian and eclectic, our PVC panel wall bathroom showcases a mix of textures and patterns. Colorful panels, woven accents, and a vintage rug create a free-spirited and inviting atmosphere. See more on Nymphs Daily Blog.