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Rothschild Orchid (Octopussy!) by Wisteria and Cow Parsley (Strophanthus preussii) Source:

Strophanthus preussii [Family Apocyanaceae] Vernacular names for the plant include "Spider Tresses" and "Poison Arrow Vine"

So amazing it doesn't even look real. It should be called the Birthday flower.....

Queen's Tears - the color is unbelievable! It is a bromeliad, billbergia nutans known as a friendship plant (give its babies away). From Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay & Argentina. Makes a great house plant.

Black Orchids - the one thing I demand to have at my wedding. So beautiful

Black Orchid Flower Botanists from California put an end to this quest by growing the black flower that has been recognized as the only plant that can be called the black orchid.

Flying Duck Orchid! Photographer: Michael Prideaux

ANOTHER DUCK.The Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana major). It’s a small orchid, about 50 cm tall, that grows in eastern and southern Australia. It’s the most remarkable flower – it seriously looks just like a male duck in flight!