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the german language worksheet for children to learn with their own words and pictures
Verben konjugieren Präsens und Perfekt DaF A1 - Poster – Unterrichtsmaterial in den Fächern DaZ/DaF & Deutsch
a poster with words and pictures on it that say fragewirter, we were
Willkommen auf Deutsch - Fragewörter
a german language poster with pictures of people and places in the words modalverben
Willkommen auf Deutsch - Modalverben
a diagram with words and pictures on it, including the names of different things in each language
Sätze bilden: wo? wohin? woher? womit?
Adjectives For Kids, Learning Languages Tips, Grammar And Vocabulary, Classroom Language
Ingyenes német gyakorlatok - Lupán Német Online
a cartoon beaver with an empty thought bubble above it's head that says, tomaten au den augen haben
20 Funny German Idioms You Should Know - Chatterblog
a rock formation in the desert with a quote about stumfrei on it
28 Beautiful Travel Words that Describe Wanderlust Perfectly
a poster with an image of a teddy bear on it's face and the words, auf jeden fall for sure / definitely - in any case
a poster with different colors and names for the colours in each color scheme, including red, white, blue, green, orange
Deutschlernen in Wien | IFU Sprachschulung
a pink poster with the words english - deutsch
English language learning