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Drougia Vagi
Drougia Vagi

Drougia Vagi


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Extra Large Cream, Beige and Sand Dreamcatcher with Gold Beads & Jewels - Sweet Dreamer

Oversized White and Gold Beads & Jewels by GoldenDreamers on Etsy. The deer antler needs to go though lol

Overlapping Frames

DIY Inspiration with this Pilli-Pilli-Embroidery. Gather Little Scraps of Fabric and Layer them like appliques. These are made on Embroidery (span) Rings.

Original art one of a kind wood wall sculpture

Wooden houses art

11 Creative and Clever Space Saving Ideas ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make more space in the kitchen without remodeling or adding more cabinets. Learn how with these easy, attractive solutions to common kitchen organization problems. We’ll give you step-by-step instructions and pictures to clean out the clutter in your kitchen and get organized

Hand crafted Rustic Wooden Angel Family by TheWoodmen on Etsy

7 DIY Dorm Decorations to Make

7 DIY Dorm Decorations to Make This Summer | Her Campus