How much practicing was done on this old piano? So sad to see old pianos in disrepair but each one still has an elegance and a sense of history. Passionate about Pianos since 1931

Mt. Airy Forest, Ohio

Gravity-defying land art by Cornelia Konrads within the forest setting

Mickey Minnie Mouse, Kingdom Hearts, Awesome Stuff, Costa, Tatoo, All Alone, Drawings

big girl, little world.

pinterest - ♡ELINE: Disney

Rapunzel Tangled lights castle movie fan art made background wallpaper

I love this drawing ❤ Credits to the owner 😍

"Raoul it frightens me, don't make me do this".


Ashley) I sit playing Home from Beauty and the Beast the musical. I had an audition in a couple days and was trying to practice as much as possible. I play the chords on the piano and start to sing, not knowing your there. I continue to play and you.

Melanie Martinez drawing room decor wall art by PoeticPortraitsCo

This is an original pencil drawing of singer Melanie Martinez, sized 9 in x 12 in cm x cm).


Cherry Blossom Tree hanging out with a Volcano!


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I love playing violin and drawing