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three different poses for an animation character
Wearing witch hat
I'd be happy to see some witches based on this study! Enjoy and tag me 💙 Please stop tracing/selling/reposting/overpainting my work. It's so frustrating :'D you can use them as reference, but please be respectful (If you REALLY HAVE TO TRACE please, credit me💔) I'm on instagram facebook twitter and especially on patreon ---------------------------------------- character design, gesture, comic, manga, anatomy, reference, study, help for artist, concept art, drawing, kibbitzer
several different types of female torsos drawn in pencil
human torso drawing reference
how to draw the human body with different poses and expressions in this drawing lesson, you can
how to draw female anatomy
the paper doll is made to look like it has been cut out and put together
How to draw FOOD TRUCKS tutorial by EtheringtonBrothers on DeviantArt