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I'm only a year behind in fashion pinning-oh well, I guess I might find some of this Chanel Couture on sale at TJ Max. Chanel Fall 2015 Haute Couture A little Cruella but those nails:-)

Euro. Designer Amalthee: I dont like black and white -- blue or rose and gray! -- but I like this silhouette Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry : Women

oatmeal linen gauze tunic and black mixed flax linen sarouel-skirt, white or aotmeal linen scarf ( white here

Long Weekend

Patchwork coat

Blue rose fantasy dress tunic by jamfashion on Etsy I truly love this ladies' recycled clothing. But I do keep wondering why in every single picture on her site, she has her mouth closed. Nothing serious, just real curious why :) by Tjo Swan

DIY Lace Earrings Inspiration

Lace earing would be pretty. I'd have to sell them to others to appreciate because I don't wear earrings too often but def something to bring new value to the tablecloth!