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a piece of cloth with red flowers on it and some fraying around the edges
: Photo
an old pair of jeans with holes in the back pocket and stitching on them
Mending Project: Wide Legged Levi's & Kimono Scraps
three purple flowers with yellow centers on a white background in a red frame, and the words needle art written below it
Simple is Good: Straight Stitch Flowers
Embroidery, Flowers
four different images of orange leaves on white paper
Oh my, do I dare try?..
an old book with many different types of objects on the pages, including circles and lines
Karen Barb | Textileria: 96 embroidery samples
a woman looking at her cell phone while standing in front of a window with the sun shining on her
Señorita Lylo
Mi proyecto "Di dove sei" ya tiene su primera pieza bordada! Gracias a la gentileza de hilos @dmcspain Muy pronto más detalles! @ameskeria #srtalylo #señoritalylo #embroidery #embroideryart #dmcspain #didoveseiproject #bordado
a close up of a green leaf on a white cloth
Kurdela Dünyası
Kurdela Dünyası
a woman wearing a hat and sweater standing in front of a white wall with her back to the camera
Zijdelings: Shibor-re-cycle - Sort of like macro smocking to reduce an oversize sweater that might have seen better days.
the cross section of a female utensil is embroidered onto a piece of linen
The DecoJournal - Juana Gomez
The DecoJournal - Juana Gomez on Vimeo
a drawing of a boy sitting on a surfboard in the middle of an ocean
Sandra Dufour
three pieces of fabric with different designs on them
Elizabeth Pawle's Neatly "Scattered" Embroideries
Elizabeth Pawle's scattering embroideries remind me doodles made with thread…
a white shirt with blue dots on it and the word sold written in large letters
Stitching News
Bordado no espaço negativo // Bonnie Sennott
three different types of hand - made rugs with various colors and designs on them
Brown Paper Bag - Illustrative Delight
Slow Stitch Sophie embroidery